Nart Access; Designs and performs solutions for individuals with physical and orthopedic movement limitations. Our access specialists are the best partners that change reliable lives in a short time and produce reliable solutions.

Our Story

Nart Access was founded in 2013 by Mr.Yavuz EREN in Manisa; was established in order to provide mobility and accessibility solutions to individuals who are exposed to physical mobility limitations and designs appropriate to the individual and structure. This company operates with a philosophy of independence and hope by providing solutions to those who have difficulty in climbing stairs, having difficulty in building or in-room access, having difficulties in accessing the pool-sea for treatment or socializing purposes and their caregivers who help them. Nart Access, which has started production since 2016 with the implementation of R & D activities, manages independent access meticulously. Turkey's first and only manufacturer of cordless Pool Lift the company, these solutions make life easier, are implemented with the support of a professional technical team in the business. The independent pool and beach equipment is the first and only manufacturer in Turkey. After stationary and portable pool lifts, it produced the Beach Water Wheelchair for people with limited mobility. Since 2016, it is the local manufacturer of the equipment needed for unobstructed beaches.

In addition, in 2018, the Nart Access brand changed its partnership structure in order to provide accessibility solutions to a wider audience. T. C. The Ministry of Health aims to increase the production and awareness of the company in national and international platforms by partnering with Access Specialist Ms.Nilay ÖZTUNALI, who has AENOR (Universal Accessibility Certificate-170001-2) and WDU-WDD (World Disability Association) approved documents and certificates.

Nart Access; MTO, KOSGEB, OAIB Central Anatolian Exporters Association; TÜRÇEV (BLUE FLAG) Turkey Medical Tourism Association is an official member of the CBI are covered by R & D and Product Development Program with support TEKNOKENT


  • Fixed Pool Access Lift
  • Portable Pool Access Lift
  • Disabled Beach Water Wheelchair
  • Beach Access Walkway
  • Aquabike & Hydrobike
  • Patient Lift


Our Team

    YAVUZ EREN Founder