Aquabike-Hydrobike & Aquafitness The aqua elliptical can be used in various places such as Hotels, Spas, Swimming pools, Health and fitness clubs, Recreation clubs, Medical centers, Home, Schools, Sport teams and so on.

Beachstar Beach Walker Going the beach is something that everybody should be able to enjoy no matter your age.

Beach Star Water Wheelchair The Beachstar Beach Wheelchair is the perfect partner for people with limited mobility to move easily on the beach, pebble, beach and sea and swim in the sea.

Walkways Pronounced “beach rings two,” Beachstar Access MAT is a portable, reusable boardwalk (mat) system, for comfortable, stable, and slip-resistant access over sand and mud.

NART Pool Lift First and Only in Europe and Balkans Stationary Pool Lift Meet NartPool Lift.

Portable Pool Lift It is a rechargeable machine which is designed to transfer safely from the wheelchair of the disabled person.